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Moscow IFSC Climbing Worldcup 2008

IFSC Climbing Worldcup (bouldering, speed)
Moscow, from October, 31 to November, 2 2008

IFSC Paraclimbing Cup
Organizers and partners
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01.11.2008 - available result translation (original and IFSC) and video-translation
28.10.2008 - La Sportiva after-party
28.10.2008 - Interview with Percy Bishton - Chief route-setter of World Cup Final in Moscow
24.10.2008 - National teams of Italia, Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Venesuelly, Japan, Norway and Poland will live in hotel "Moskvich", metro station "Tekstilshiki", 11 street Tekstilshikov, house 1, tel: +7(495)179-39-15.
20.10.2008 - overall information about competitions is published
28.09.2008 - overall view of climbing wall is published

Overall information

Bouldering and Speed competitions will take place in Gostiniy Dvor (about 100 meters from Red Square ) within the frame of the most attended Russian sport exhibition “Ski & Board salon”.

Currently athletes from 14 countries of Europe, Asia and South America have applied for the competitions. More than 100 sportsmen from 20 countries are supposed to fight for the medals. The list includes such world rating leaders as - Anna STÖHR, Katharina SAURWEIN, Kilian FISCHHUBER, David LAMA from Austria, Natalija GROS and Katja VIDMAR from Slovenia , Akiyo NOGUCHI from Japan, Edyta ROPEK from Poland, Venezuelans Leonel DE LAS SALAS and Manuel ESCOBAR – Moscow Stage of Climbing World Cup 2006 winner.

In Bouldering Russian flag will be represented and defended by Julia ABRAMCHUK, Dmitriy SHARAFUTDINOV, Rustam GELMANOV. Before the Moscow Stage they are in top five of World Cup rating. In Speed – Evgeniy VAITZEHOVSKIY, Sergey SINITSIN and Anna SAULEVICH are placed the first, second and fifth in the charts, respectively.

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A set of climbing walls (height from 4,5 to 14 meters) will be built in Gostiniy Dvor amphitheatre especially for the competitions. A special team of makers will make climbing routes for Bouldering and Speed which are always considered to be the most spectacular parts of climbing.

To become a winner in Bouldering it is necessary to climb through as many short routes as possible with minimum attempts. In Speed one has to climb a 4-storeyed building wall faster than other competitors.

The same long route will be used at physically handicapped people international climbing competitions- IFSC ParaClimbing Cup 2008.

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For information: Moscow welcomes Climbing World Cup for the 4th time and for the 2nd time within the frame of “Ski & Board salon” exhibition. Moscow stage of Climbing World Cup 2006 went off with great success attracting considerable attention of Mass media and spectators.

Both Climbers and members of international judge team agreed that the Moscow stage of the World Cup 2006 was the most impressive.

Venue – Moscow, ulitza Ilinka 4, Gostiniy Dvor
Dates –  31 October – 2 November, during “Ski & Board salon” exhibition.

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climbing wall


31st October, Friday BOULDERING
12.00 – 13.00  Opening ceremony
13.00 – 18.00   Male and female Qualification Starts
1st November, Saturday, BOULDERING
11.00 –Semifinal starts (Female, Male)
17.00 – Final starts (Female, Male)
18.30 – Awarding Ceremony flower
2nd November, Sunday, SPEED
11.00 –Qualification Starts (Female, Male)
15.00 –Final starts (Female, Male)
17.00 – Awarding Ceremony
19.00 – Farewell Party (La Sportiva Party)

IFSC Paraclimbing Cup
In the limits of the IFSC Worldcup in Moscow take place Paraclimbing competition.

IFSC info
History and goals

Provisional programme

30 October
19.00 – Meeting of teams representatives.

31 October – 1 November
11.00 - 19.00 – Seminar on theory and practice of holding competitions and providing security.

2 November
09.00-11.00 – Routes testing.
13.30-14.30 – Competitions.
15.00 – Awarding Ceremony.

Organaizers and partners

Climbing Federation of Russia
“XV Moscow International Ski and Board Salon”
SC New Liga

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