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2 октября 2008

The provisional schedule of our meeting:

On October, 3rd

1)Arrival of participants of a meeting in Ekaterinburg, meeting at the airport "Koltsovo"
2) 11-00Gathering of all in the appointed place of a meeting
3) 12-00 Press conference
4) Lunch
5) 15 -30 Excursion on Ekaterinburg city and in to the governor residence
6) Departure to hotel outside city
7) Supper

On October, 4-5th

1) Food, meal
2) the working days in hotel, reports and presentations
4) excursion in the city of Kamensk-Ural
5) visiting climbing areas developed last years

On October, 6th

2) Transfer participants of a meeting to Ekaterinburg and to "Koltsovo" airport

**If someone remains in Ekaterinburg longer time - we shall coordinate the program on a place.

App. 1. The declared service free-of-charge due to organizers of a meeting

App. 2. We shall meet you at the airport with poster UIAA YC.

Probable in airport will be Vitaly Primerov.
A reserve place of a meeting - 03.10.08 11:00 near main entry of "Central Hotel" Malysheva st. 74
Alex Klenov +7 912 2884630
Vitaly Primerov + 7 919 3863492

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