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Welcome to IFSC CLIMBING WORLDCUP on 17-20 June

Moscow, Russia –17-20 June
Bouldering + Speed

Русская версия

The best climbers in the world from more than 40 European, Asian and American countries will take part in high profile competitions in the disciplines of bouldering and speed.

Video webcast
Organization of competitions
Bouldering and speed
Location of competitions. How to get to?
For spectators’ attention
Partners and sponsors
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Thursday, 17 June

16.00-18.00 registration procedure, - Moscow, VVC, square between pavilion N1 and
"Druzhba narodov" fountain
18.15-19.00 technical meeting – same place

Friday, 18 June, Bouldering

08.00 Opening isolation Qualification round, women
09.30 Closing isolation Qualification round, women
10.00 Start Qualification round, women

14.00 Opening isolation Qualification round, men
15.30 Closing isolation Qualification round, men

15.30 Opening ceremony

16.00 Start Qualification round, men (2 groups)

Saturday, 19 June, Bouldering

09.00 Opening isolation Semifinal round, women and men
10.30 Closing isolation Semifinal round, women and men
11.00 Start Semifinal round, women and men

17.00 Opening isolation Final round, women and men
18.30 Closing isolation Final round, women and men

17.30 – 19.00 Live music on stage

19.10 Presentation of finalists, observation of boulders
19.30 Start Final round, women and men

21.15 Award ceremony

Sunday, 20 June, Speed

09.00 Opening isolation Qualification round, women and men
10.30 Closing isolation Qualification round, women and men
11.00 Start Qualification round, first women, then men

13.00 Opening isolation Final round, women and men
14.30 Closing isolation Final round, women and men
15.00 Start Final round, women and men

17.00 Award ceremony, Closing of competitions, Farewell party

Organization of competitions

Climbing wallsSpecifically for the competitions an impressive complex of climbing walls will be built between pavilion N1 and “Druzhba narodov” fountain in VVC ("All-Russia Exhibition Centre"). The maximum height of the climbing walls will be 15 meters and the whole width of the artificial rock will be 36 meters. The walls will be placed on a special stage and covered with a roof in case of bad weather. The scene will be equipped with sound and lighting equipment which will satisfy all requirements for holding competitions and concerts.

Bouldering and speed

Bouldering and speed are the most popular disciplines in climbing.

Bouldering Bouldering is the most exciting and challenging discipline. Athletes have to climb a number of short but very difficult routes, using not only their physical abilities but also intellectual ones.

There is a limited time to climb each route but athletes can make as many attempts as they want. To win it is necessary to climb the maximum number of routes with minimum attempts.

Climbing without safety equipment, unexpected falls* make bouldering competitions more challenging.

Height limitation (till 4.5m) and gymnastic mats provide the safety* in bouldering.

Speed is one of the most spectacular disciplines in climbing. Athletes have to climb two routes with the height of four-storey building at a maximum speed. It takes the best climbers less than 10 seconds to climb a 14 -meter wall!

The speed final is conducted according to the Olympic system of knockout in pair races.

Passions run high, everything happens so fast that there is no time to correct mistakes. Sportsmen have to be extremely concentrated and accurate and use all their experience to win.


More than 150 climbers from more than 40 countries of Europe, Asia and America will take part in the competitions. Among them: leaders of world ranking, World and Europe champions, World cup holders and national championships winners.

Who will be a winner?

“Who is a leader of climbing season-2010 in bouldering? Can anybody compete with Kilian Fischhuber?” Dmitriy Sharafutdinov, world champion, answered those questions in one of his interview: “Presently there are 5 or 6 climbers who can realy compete in each event.These are: Rustam Gelmanov, Kilian Fischhuber, Adam Ondra, Alexey Rubtsov. Unfortunately Salavat Rahmetov is not going to take part in competitions. If he took part in World cup laps he would have very high results too. At the same time the competition in bouldering has increased considerably. The other climbers from the top group of 30 are at approximately the same level. But each of them can make a leap forward at any time and move the leaders aside. It will make bouldering more unpredictable and consequently more interesting for fans.”

Current athletes list
ТThe exact List of Applications after registration closing (18.00, 10 of June, 2010).

Location of competitions

Moscow, VVC ("All-Russia Exhibition Centre”), square between pavilion N1 and "Druzhba narodov" fountain. 950 meters from "VDNH" metro station, Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaia line. 550 meters from parking lot on Sergey Ezenshtain streat. 460 meters from the main VVC entrance.

How to get to?

On foot:
Go to "VDNH" metro station, Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaia line - first carriage from the center. Leave the metro, turn left, go 500 m towards the main VVC entrance. Than straight ahead to the square between exhibition pavilion N1 and "Druzhba narodov" fountain.
By car:
You can park: next to the main entrance, in a parking lot (or next to it) on Sergey Ezenshtain streat, in parking lots next to the entrances: Severniy 1, Severniy 2, Severniy 3, Yuzhniy.
Interactive VVC map

For spectators’ attention

Let’s support our athletes!
"Is it important for sportsmen to hear fans’ cheers?" Alexandra Balakireva, winner of World Cup lap in 2009, answered the question: "If it were not for fans’ cheers, why would we climb? Silence is not a good atmosphere for competitions. As for me, fans’ support helps me very much …."

Sport and entertainment program for everybody
The World Cup will be interactive – the spectators will be able not only to watch the competitions but to try their own skills on a wall built especially for them. With the help of experienced trainers both adults and children will be able to climb.

They will be able to communicate with trainers, to learn a lot about climbing clubs and join some of them.


International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of RF, Russian Climbing Federation, Moscow Department of Physical Culture and Sports, Moscow Climbing Federation
UNDER SUPPORT: Moscow government

Partners and sponsors

          Официальный автомобильный спонсор - "ЗАО "ЧЕРИ АВТОМОБИЛИ РУС" - официальный дистрибьютор китайских автомобилей CHERY в России




Project coordinator – Rakitskaia Anna: e-mail: rakit_a(dog)mail.ru

Information for Mass Media

During The World Cup Mass Media representatives will be able to have all necessary information and help in the Press-center.
For accreditation and additional information please mail at: pressa(dog)c-f-r.ru, call: +7-916-304-8131, +7-901-523-8375.
Info for viza: Olga Romashkina tel: +7(909) 971-67-68, E-mail - oromashkina@mail.ru



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