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Russian version

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – May 25-27
LEAD and SPEED (record 10 m)
The 2nd event of the EYC will take place in Moscow, Sokolniki exhibition center from 25 – 27 May 2012, lead and speed (record 10 m) and freestyle in promo. The EYС is organised by the IFSC in accordance with the IFSC Europe rule and IFSC general and lead and speed regulations



The competition is organised by European council of IFSC, Climbing Federation of Russia (CFR) and Moscow climbing Federation.
phone/fax: + 7 495 725 47 04. Website: www.c-f-r.ru. e-mail: info@c-f-r.ru


Each national federation: 4 male and 4 female competitors for each category.
The host federation: 6 male and 6 female competitors for each category.
Non-European federations can also take part.
Those competitors for whose Federations have not applied to the IFSC for an International Licenses on their behalf will NOT be allowed to compete.
Note: The age categories are the same as the IFSC has fixed:
Juniors: 1993/1994
Youth A: 1995/1996
Youth B: 1997/1998


Please use the online registration: www.ifsc-climbing.org/egroupware/
Please send a copy of the competitors list to: info@c-f-r.ru
Organizers – info@c-f-r.ru , fax: + 7 495 725 47 04
Deadline for registration: 18.00 GMT Sunday 10 MAY 2012


We remind that:
1. Competitors’ registration fees will be charged to the member federation when registered competitors do not attend the concerned event, unless the IFSC has been informed earlier than 4 days prior to the event (considering the 1st day of competition).
2. The individual entry fee for the EYС competition will be 12 euro
Please pay this fee at the registration desk on 24th of May 2012.
At registration on 24h May 2012, it will be necessary for all team managers/coaches to produce the passports or ID-cards and prove of the IFSC international license for all of the competitors.
3. Spectator entry fee
Spectator’s entrance fees will be app. 100 rubles


In order to get Russian visas in time and minimize the prices, citizens of other countries please:
1. Send completed visa application form and copy of your passport valid a minimum 6 months from the moment of departure the Russian Federation, by e-mail visa@ctogroup.ru and copy alex-dra@yandex.ru.
2. Visa application is for free in case you book hotels from the list below, in other case it will cost 900 roubles per person.
3. Once you received from us visa support, you should apply for a tourist visa at the nearest Russian Consulate in your country.
4. You can get the answers to all your questions concerning this matter
E-mail : alex-dra@yandex.ru

DEADLINE – April, 15 !!! (after this date getting Russian visas on regular terms can’t be guaranteed)


by plane: fly to Moscow International Airports:
Sheremetevo 2 (http://www.svo.aero/en/arrival/international/) or
Domodedovo (http://www.domodedovo.ru/en/main/getting/) or
Vnukovo (http://www.vnukovo.ru/eng/index.wbp)

Transfer: Organizers will provide team meeting in Airport and transport to the hotel. The price will be at the rate of about 10-20 Euro per person. You must send your application to alex-dra@yandex.ru

It is possible to reach the hotel by oneself:
by train to the Moscow railway terminal, next go by the underground
(Moscow metro - http://engl.mosmetro.ru/pages/page_0.php?id_page=4).


Event organizers offer you accommodation in the following hotels in Moscow: «Cosmos 4*», «Tourist 3*».

If you are interested in rooms of higher categories from the list or in the other hotels, please contact the official travel agent of the event – the «CTO Group» company or contacts are listed below. Reservations could be arranged at any time prior to the date of arrival, however, for guaranteed reservation, please book rooms in advance. To book rooms and gain more information on other accommodation facilities and additional services, please contact the responsible manager of the company «CTO Group».
If you make a reservation through our company, we provide a Visa support for free.

Nataliya Shapovalenko
Tel.: +7 (495) 960 21 90 ext. 114
Mob.: +7 (926) 604-08-28
E-mail: nshapovalenko@ctogroup.ru

To make a reservation, please fill this form

Cosmos  (****)

Hotel address: 150 Mira avenue, Moscow City, Moscow, 129366, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 2341000
Number of rooms/floors: 1777/25
Year built/reconstructed: 1979/2008
City centre: City centre - 9 km
Nearest metro station: VDNKh - Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line - 0,3 km
Airport: Sheremetyevo - 39 km, Vnukovo - 41 km, Domodedovo - 56 km
Railway Station: Rizhsky - 3,5 km
Landmarks: All-Russia Exhibition Centre (former VDNKh), Cosmonautics Museum, Ostankino Estate Museum

Price per night including VAT (in rubles)
Single standard - 3 800/3 300*
Double standard  - 4 300 /3 600*
Meal «Buffet breakfast» - Included
Late departure: Before 00:00 50% of price, after 00:00 - 100% of price
Estimated time: Check-in time: 14:00, Check-out time: 12:00
*Weekend price (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Tourist (***)

Adress: 17 Selskokhozyaystvennaya street
Number of rooms/floors: 480/5
Year buil/_reconstructed: 1954/2008
City centre: City centre - 8,5 km
Nearest metro: Botanichesky Sad - 0,7 km
Airport: Sheremetyevo - 31 km, Vnukovo - 43 km, Domodedovo - 59 km
Railway station: Rizhsky - 6 km

Price per night including VAT (in rubles)
Single standard - 2 269
Double standard - 2 548
Single Superior - 2 771
Double Superior - 3 050
Meal «Buffet breakfast» - Included
Late departure: Before 18.00 – Payment for hour, 18:00-24:00 - 50% of price
Estimated time: Check-in time: 14:00, Check-out time: 12:00


The competition will be held during exhibition EXTREMEX http://www.sokolniki.com/rus/Contacts/Map.aspx
Nearest metro station Sokolniki
(Moscow metro - http://engl.mosmetro.ru/pages/page_0.php?id_page=4).



Thursday, MAY 24th
11.00-19.00 open training on speed record routes
15.00-18.00 registration procedure
18.30 - technical meeting



9:30 Warm-up open for Youth A and Youth B groups
11:30 Start route 1 (female Youth B, male Youth A)
13:45 Start route 1 (male Youth B, female Youth A)

15:30 Start route 2 (female Youth B)
15:45 Start route 2 (male Youth A)
17:30 Start route 2 (female Youth A, male Youth B)

Saturday, MAY 26th, LEAD QUALIFICATIONS Juniors and SPEED

9:00 Warm-up open juniors
10:30 TEST speed (wall record) Youth A and Youth B groups

11:00 Start route 1 Lead juniors (male, female)

12:00 Start speed (wall record) Youth A and Youth B groups

12:45 Start route 2 Lead Juniors (female, male)

14:00 Start final speed (wall record) Youth A and Youth B groups

15:00 TEST speed (wall record) Juniors
15:30 Start speed qualification (wall record) Juniors

16:00 Start speed qualification freestyle A and B groups

17:00 Start final speed (wall record) Juniors

17:15 Start speed final freestyle Youth A and Youth B groups
18:00 Start speed qualification freestyle Juniors

Awarding ceremony after finals A and B groups

19:00 Start finals speed freestyle Juniors
Awarding ceremony after finals

Sunday, May 27th, LEAD FINALS

9:00 Isolation for finals (female Youth B, male Youth B) open
10:30 Isolation close

11:00 Start finals lead (female Youth B, male Youth B)

11:40 Isolation for finals (female Youth A, male Youth A and Juniors) open
12:40 Isolation close

13:10 Start finals lead (Juniors, female Youth A, male Youth A)

Awarding ceremony after finals

9. Excursion programme

If you are intrested in Moscow sightseeing programme you can choose tour


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